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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Women of B3 Labs Unite Against Cancer

Three women who work at Manchester-based B3 Labs have joined forces to help spread the conversation on cancer awareness among friends and colleagues, while raising much needed funds for Cancer Research UK. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when thousands of people come together across the UK to raise money to beat breast cancer.  

This year, Kayleigh Poole, Maria Wood and Hannah Millington of B3 Labs have joined forces to raise as much in donations as possible by the end of the month, while also broadening the conversation on breast cancer to spread awareness amongst their friends and colleagues.

They took to the pavements of Heaton Park on October 17 in their local Race for Life, the biggest annual fundraising event for Cancer Research UK on the calendar. Together, they crossed the finish line after 5k and collected their medals, while also surpassing their first fundraising goal. 

Around 55,000 women and 370 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the UK.

The Race for Life is Cancer Research UK’s biggest series of fundraising events each year giving people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities the chance to come together and show cancer who’s boss. They’re not races, or runs, and everyone wins on the day (except cancer).


Hannah Millington, Supply Chain & Logistics Admin at B3 Labs:  

“I did the Race for Life this year for my family. Earlier this year I lost my uncle to cancer and a few months ago, another family member was diagnosed with cancer. Luckily, with all that has been done over the last few years, she was able to get on a new trial for treatment. Without all the amazing stuff they do at Cancer Research UK, some of this research could have never been done. I wanted to race to help out other families whose lives have been affected by cancer.”

“We have already been able to raise £440, I hope to raise another £100 by the end of the month.” 



Maria Wood, mum-of-three and HR Manager at B3 Labs: 

“I decided to do the Race for Life because of losing my mum to breast cancer a few years ago and I have sadly seen so many friends and family members who have had their lives affected in some way because of cancer.”

“I believe that we can beat cancer together. I’m proud to be part of Race for Life for Cancer Research UK and I’d be happy if we could raise £1,000.”





Kayleigh Poole, Key Accounts Manager at B3 Labs: 

“After talking with the ladies, we discussed women’s health and those which we have unfortunately lost to breast cancer or another cancer and how we all check monthly for the early signs and symptoms.”

“I wanted to join the race to bring awareness to those who we have personally lost and to other people within B3 Labs who have relatives fighting cancer currently.”

“We would love to make it to £1,000 – we pledged £300 for the race but are looking to take part in other internal fundraising opportunities.” 




To support the women of B3 Labs on their fundraising mission, follow this secure link to donate: 

About B3 Labs 

With deep roots in nutraceutical supplementation, chemistry and strategic partnerships in analytics, B3 Labs is the premium white label CBD manufacturing company currently operating in the UK. Proud to be based in Manchester, B3 Labs is an industry leader and the first in bringing together traditional homeopathy and modern science to formulate the most sophisticated cannabinoid products available on the market.  

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