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Terpene Tincture


Years of research and development from our team of industry leading experts have gone into making our white label CBD Terpene Tinctures. We’ve carefully selected the Terpenes we use to create a unique blend of flavours for effective intentional efficacy. All of our terpene tinctures deliver a unique natural flavour derived from the plants that we use.

The Terpenes that we work with include: –

  • Myrcene – plants containing high levels of myrcene have been used in herbal medicine throughout the ages to improve sleep and reduce inflammation.
  • Citral – commonly found in fruit peel, citral is often used in herbal medicine as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial application.
  • Limonene – one of the most common terpenes found in the natural world, limonene has been used in herbal medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties, as an antioxidant and to reduce stress.

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  • What are terpenes?

    Terpenes are found in many plants throughout the world, and are used by plants to give off different aromas. Cannabis plants contain a large amount of terpenes. Many different terpenes have been shown to have different effects on the human nervous system.

  • Do terpenes contain CBD or THC?

    Terpenes do not contain CBD or THC.

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We’ve created a range of high quality white label Terpene Tinctures that offer a unique flavour and unparalleled efficacy.

Entourage Effect

Our Terpene Tinctures have been created to stimulate the entourage effect, whereby using both CBD in conjunction with the terpenes can encourage a stronger effect from both ingredients.

Industry Leading R&D

We’ve been researching the effects that terpenes can have when used in conjunction with CBD for almost a decade. Our formulas are carefully selected to create a unique blend of flavour and intentional efficacy.

Great Natural Flavour

Not only do terpenes have a range of exciting effects on our health, but they also possess amazing natural flavourings that we feel are best preserved. Not only do our terpenes work great, but they taste great too.

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