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Vape CBD Cartridge


Our highly concentrated broad spectrum Distillate Vape White Label CBD Cartridges contain only the highest quality CBD and Terpenes, and are available in two strengths. High quality CBD is blended with various Terpenes to create a unique blend of natural flavours to deliver intentional efficacy.

Distillate Vape Cartridges are one of the most effective methods of use for CBD due to receiving a high concentration of potent formulation via inhalation. Similarly, our Vape Cartridges are the closest you can get to the effects of actual cannabis without ingesting the real thing thanks to our use of only natural CBD oil and terpenes with no additional additives.

Our range includes both 20% and 40% strength white label CBD vape cartridges which are available in a range of flavours. They’re available with terpenes, including citral, limonene or myrcene or as flavoured CBD vape.

To request a quote and to add our white label CBD vape carts to your product range, contact us today.

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Ingredients – White Label CBD Vape Oil

Our white label CBD vape oil comes in two forms: distillates and free forms.


Terpene Diluent & Specific Terpene Blend (e.g. Myrcene+)

Free Form:

Specific Terpene Blend


  • Can you get high from vaping CBD oil?

    CBD vape cartridges will not get you “high”, nor will any B3 Labs CBD products in general.

  • Will vaping CBD show up in a drug test?

    While CBD will show up in a drug test, unless your company has specific rules on CBD this should not give you a failure on your test. The psychoactive component associated with cannabis known as THC is not present in any B3 Labs products.


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ABOUT OUR distillate vape oils

We’ve blended high quality CBD with various Terpenes to create a unique blend of all natural flavours and potent efficacy.

Zero Additives

Premium blend of CBD and Terpenes with no added ingredients. We believe our white label CBD vape cartridges are the purest form of CBD inhalation on the market.


We work with your CBD brand to create a CBD product that is compatible with your chosen vape pen design.

Entourage Effect

Our well researched blend of CBD and Terpenes create an effective entourage effect, further enhanced with the use of the most absorbant method of inhalation.

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