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Are you sick of cloudy CBD e-liquids that separate and crystallise? 

Our advanced manufacturing techniques and years of research has led us to create a premium CBD e-liquid that is guaranteed not to crystallise, isn’t cloudy and will not separate.

Our CBD isolate is blended with a variety of terpenes and is available in a multitude of flavours and strengths to meet your requirements. We provide our wholesale CBD e-liquid internationally, as long as CBD is legal within the country.

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  • Does CBD e-liquid make you feel high?

    B3 Labs CBD e-liquid contains no THC and therefore does not make you feel high.

  • What does white label mean?

    We can either send your wholesale CBD e-liquid without any labels (bottles only) or we can brand them up for you.

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Our white label E-Liquids have been developed to be superior in every way. 

Crystal Clear

Our advanced formula doesn’t crystallise, doesn’t separate and isn’t cloudy.

Suits You

Available as large scale projects or small productions runs to suit your requirements. 

Wide Range of Flavours

Flavourings ranging from off-the-shelf standard flavours to bespoke premium flavours. 

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