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The Future of Cannabis Products in Britain for the US Market

B3 Labs co-founder, Marc Burbidge, gives key insights on the future of cannabis products in Britain for the US market.

Manchester, UK – Tampa, Florida | 21 September 2021

B3 Labs co-founder, CEO and Innovation Director Marc Burbidge joined Florida-based Global Widget podcast host Joe Agostinelli to provide expert insight into the cannabis market in the UK.

Marc is one of three co-founders behind UK innovation powerhouse B3 Labs, with 12 years’ experience in the cannabis space in the UK.

Speaking on the CPG & CBD University podcast, Marc revealed how he suffered from recurring shoulder dislocation prior to opening B3 Labs, describing that phase in his life as ‘quite traumatic’.

Like many CBD and medical cannabis consumers, Marc realised the side effects and depression that came with taking pain medication and became fascinated by the positive effects of plant medicine.


Building an organisation on technical excellence to flourish in the long term

Speaking to Agostinelli’s US audience, Marc explained the synergy between the various compounds which cannabis has to offer the British population. The current B3 range encapsulates cannabinoids, terpenes, adaptogenic herbs and more. It’s a formula which works well:

“I began looking at the different cannabinoids, terpenes and extraction methods for ways to bring in my knowledge of plant-based medicine. A lot of the B3 range today is based around cannabinoids, terpenes and other extracts to give specific benefits in different ways.

“For us, it was never about making the most money. It was about creating foundations for excellence. Building an organisation on technical excellence to flourish in the long term.”

The UK’s CBD market is maturing

Agostinelli asked how the UK’s CBD market compares with the US. Marc said he sees regulation as a positive, worthwhile wait.

“There have been some very challenging times for the industry in the UK. Novel food validations and the approved product list for retailers have not occurred, we’re playing a waiting game. Once the doors open, the UK CBD sector will be among the first regulated CBD spaces in the world.”

Is the sector maturing? Marc thinks so.

“We’ve seen a huge change in the last few years. If you go back 3 or 4 years, many CBD companies in the UK did not have the realisation that tinctures are really a food product. Brands didn’t realise that they didn’t need to have all of the quality management systems in place, including product withdrawal processes. In the early phases, there was a lack of understanding around those areas. What I’m really happy to see happening now is an internal realisation that this industry needs to become legitimate and the best way to bring that forward is to follow best practices in food manufacturing.”

The gold standard in certification

B3 Labs is the first CBD product manufacturer in Europe to hold BRCGS certification, something which many US brands will not have heard of before. Marc explained how this certification gives B3 Labs the edge when it comes to product manufacturing in the UK.

“This is a standard that has been in place for the last 20 years. Ultimately, it’s about compliance, brand reputation and legality. Traceability is a key aspect. Even the glass bottles that we use for our tinctures, we know exactly where the glass comes from. BRCGS is there to give the brands that we work with safety and peace of mind. This is the certification standard that all of the major retailers in the UK are looking for.”

The head of innovation says the British sector is on track to legitimisation.

“We are working in an area where the public sees the benefits of the products but there are question marks, they have questions. They know CBD comes from cannabis. Getting proper certification legitimises and proves the safety of the products we’re making. It shows that you can create innovation whilst also maintaining quality, safety and compliance for the industry.”

Uniquely positioned in the UK as the CEO of a premium white label CBD company with more than a decade of experience across the cannabis space, coupled with his knowledge of cannabis itself, Marc told host Agostinelli how CBD has made cannabis less of a taboo subject in the UK, stressing that talks of any recreational market are possible, albeit in the distant future.

Marc said: “Do I see recreational use coming to the UK? I do, but the question is when. CBD has opened the gateway for acceptance of cannabis in the UK. There are still a lot of minds to win over, CBD has shown the benefits that cannabis can have and people are learning beyond CBD now.”

“When that time comes, we’ll be ready. We look forward to a regulated industry that allows companies like B3 Labs to set the standards and show what the best policies and products look like.”

Do you have an American CBD brand with UK interests? Marc and his team are happy to answer your questions. Message Marc Burbidge directly on LinkedIn or email:


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