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About Majid Bani (aka Maj)

After a long career in healthcare consulting and running a number of successful healthcare businesses since 2007, I decided to become one of the co-founders of B3 Labs. I’m responsible for sales and strategic commercial partnerships, estates and facilities, and managing supplier relationships.

Since 2019, it’s been the most exciting time of my working life. While it’s not always easy being a director of a company, I do love what I do. They say time flies when you’re having fun and it seems like it’s been a blur since co-founding B3 Labs. Learning a slightly different industry has been a bit of a challenge but my passion for CBD and the benefits but I wouldn’t change anything. Embarking on this journey with the other two B’s – Marc and Haseeb – has been an absolutely amazing adventure!

As the saying goes, every day’s a school day. I’ve learnt so much already and am still learning new and exciting things every single day. Marc is an absolute fountain of knowledge and a humble teacher to all of us.

The best part of my job is that I work with such an amazing team while doing my bit to help Marc and B3 realise its dream and full potential. I use the B3 Labs Herbal Terpene Relax Tincture. I can finally sleep well at night!

Marc Burbidge is our secret weapon that makes this company so different to everybody else. He has more knowledge about CBD and the Cannabis industry than anyone I’ve met, and makes sure we do everything properly and correctly.

We’ve built a great business which is the perfect spring board to create a real global powerhouse in our sector. I look forward to the future for our company and how we can help other businesses become successful in this industry. I believe B3 Labs really are the best CBD manufacturer in every respect! Whether it’s the products and formulations, the quality standards or the regulatory knowledge, we really are the best!

Relevant Industry Experience

  • Experience in Healthcare industry since 2007
  • Experience in the CBD Industry since 2019
  • Experience helping run multiple businesses

More Information

On my desk you’ll always find fruit (and chocolate!) – life’s always about balance!  If I could tell my younger self anything I’d say “Don’t set limits on yourself! Trust yourself and have the confidence to take risks”.

My favourite quote of all time was uttered by the words of the great Muhammad Ali: “Don’t count the days, make the days count”.

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