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About Haseeb Bani

After using CBD, I realised it’s potential as a product that could change the world and peoples’ lives. It spurred me on to be the Co-founder of B3 Labs where I run the Manufacturing, Quality, Technical and Operations departments. I have also previously worked on Cannabinoid Analysis and Formulations. Since co-founding this business I’ve learnt a lot about myself and the industry.
My favourite part about my job is working with the amazing team at B3 Labs while helping it grow. I believe it has huge potential to be the best CBD manufacturer across the globe. Starting B3 Labs came about through a vision and a philosophy of growth and that shows everyday in everyone’s attitude.
I’m looking forward to the future because I am excited to see the things we’ve worked so hard on start to take shape. In the long term, I hope we build a company we can all be proud of within the company. I believe our company is built differently – we help and support clients and employees, and share our journey along the way.
The B3 Labs Herbal & Terpene Tinctures are an underestimated product and are my go to. They really do work.

Relevant Industry Experience

  • Co-founder of B3 Labs since 2019
  • Experience and knowledge in Cannabinoid Analysis and Formulations

More Information

On my desk at work there’s always a signed photo of Paul Scholes celebrating after hammering in the winner vs Barcelona in 2008. If I could tell my younger self anything I’d say “Trust in God’s plan”. My favourite quote of all time is “The days that break you, are the days that make you”.
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