High quality CBD products to meet your customers’ needs

Our unique manufacturing methods mean we can create white label CBD products for a wide range of industries and purposes. We can work with you to make the product your own from initial development to it hitting the shelves. All of our products come with laboratory certification as standard to specify the levels of CBD and other compounds, so that you can have supreme confidence that when you go to market your product is the best thing out there.

Find out more about our range of CBD products that we can manufacture and if you’re interested in working with us, request a sample and start your journey today.

Flavoured Tinctures

With our ability to work with numerous flavour houses across the UK we can produce flavoured tinctures to meet any requirement. We’re proud to say our tinctures are some of the best on the market today, produced to a plethora of different strengths in many different variants and sizes to fulfil our clients needs.


Terpene Tinctures

We have the advanced ability to blend terpenes with CBD, inducing an array of unique positive effects on the user. Bottled up in our industry leading tinctures, these blends carry a host of benefits, including the entourage effect. This is where the user notices enhanced effects of both CBD and terpenes when they are used together.

Our current range of terpenes can induce the following effects: –

  • Relax
  • Energise
  • Repair
  • Focus
  • Metabolise

Distillate Vape Oils

We believe distillate cartridges are one of the best methods of application for CBD thanks to a high availability of CBD received through inhalation. Unfortunately, many of the products on the market contain either PG, VG or MCT oil as filler, which counteracts and limits potential benefits. Our products are different.

We’ve spent over a year developing premium distillate cartridges that set the standard. Our pens contain no PG, no VG and no MCT oil. They are a combination of broad-spectrum CBD distillate combined with terpenes to produce the smoothest natural flavour with the highest effect and best delivery.



We’ve worked with leading researchers and skincare professionals to develop a comprehensive range of luxury high performance cosmetic products, that deliver stunning results, everytime. From simple organic moisturisers, to rejuvenating night serums and mineral products, we can tailor the perfect collection for you. 

Our unique methods of manufacturing have allowed us to infuse these high quality cosmetic products with CBD, taking them to the next level.



Our CBD gummies are no gimmick! We work with only the most premium multi vitamin gummy developers to create our unique formulations of CBD gummies all produced at a GMP facility. Our current range includes strawberry and orange gummies or multivitamin gummies.



Our bespoke tablets follow the same vision as the rest of our products. We have created not only CBD tablets but tablets which contain a variety of herbal extracts as well as vitamins. We use high quality ingredients such as 5HTP,
Magnesium, Turmeric, Ginger and a range of vitamins just to name a few, with a whole range of other nutritional ingredients to formulate a tablet which will prove beneficial to the consumer.


Multi Use Powder

Our awarding powder formula is the perfect addition to any variant of protein powder. It brings the well known benefits of CBD together with any blend of protein powder. Our special recipe allows the user to take a specific amount of CBD with each protein shake they consume before and after working out or it can be bought as a standalone product to be added on its own to any nutritional shake.


Chewing Gum

We can provide CBD chewing gum in a variety of flavours to help give your customers a lift on the go. Whether you’re an existing chewing gum manufacturer or you’re new to the market, we can provide great tasting products with the excellent added benefit that CBD provides.


Herbal Tinctures

The B3 Labs team have worked with traditional herbal medicines for many years. This puts us in the box seat when it comes to creating herbal CBD blends that target specific ailments or add additional benefit. We can also combine the herbal products with our terpene blends to create an ultra premium product. Our herbal blends can be created for any use, but a few examples include: –

  • Calming
  • Energy Boost
  • Vitality Boost
  • Focusing
  • Immune Boost

Vitamin Tinctures

We’ve invested considerable time and energy into researching our herbal and terpene formulations and now we’ve found the key to enhance this already potent blend by introducing a range of vitamins into our mixtures.

From a commercial point of view this can be incredibly useful as it offers our clients the potential to make approved health claims based on the vitamin content. At the moment, this is not possible for many products in CBD space.

Our vitamin tinctures allow you to bring together a unique blend of vitamins, terpenes and bespoke herbal blends to create the most premium products available on the market.



We can produce a large range of e-liquids to fulfil our clients needs, from large scale projects to small production runs. We work with several flavour houses to create anything from simple off the shelf flavours to bespoke premium flavours. We offer these liquids in a variety of strengths and bottle sizes to meet our customers’ requirements.


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