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About Marc Burbidge

I am grateful for the position I’m in due to my passion for CBD and cannabis. I’ve acquired a vast amount of knowledge about CBD over the last decade or so and it has brought me to running B3 Labs and consulting with many other CBD businesses.
I have previously worked in many sectors, mostly relating to the CBD and cannabis industry. I’ve been in management, retail, botany, phyto-chemistry, ethnobiology, plant genetics, cannabis, psychedelics, plant based medicine and food regulation. Phyto-chemistry is the chemical science of compounds found within plant and plant-based materials.
Since being the co-founder of B3 Labs I’ve learnt how to run a business while dealing with the commercial world. I love building a team that is focused on improving the products and service we offer to all of our clients. Our company is different to any other because it is built around a philosophy of team work, collective growth, and meritocracy. I’m looking forward to expanding the B3 Labs team and building leaders within. We have a great team and a great atmosphere.

My main goal for B3 Labs is to become the number one global manufacturer of tinctures and vape products.

My favourite B3 Labs products are the distillate cartridges. They’re the most bio available CBD with a beautiful flavour. Helping with many ailments including addiction and lung problems.

Relevant Industry Experience

  • Knowledge and experience in the Botany industry
  • Knowledge and experience in the Phyto-chemistry industry
  • Knowledge and experience in the Ethnobiology industry
  • Knowledge and experience with Plant Genetics
  • Knowledge and experience with Cannabis
  • Knowledge and experience with Plant Based Medicine
  • Knowledge and experience with Food Regulations

More Information

You will always find books of cannabis macro pictures on my desk at work. If I could say something to my younger self it would be “Don’t be in awe of anybody apart from yourself”. My favourite quote of all time is “Seek sincerity in yourself and others, its the highest expression of humanity”.

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