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About Kayleigh Poole (aka Kays)

I love working with the team at B3 Labs where we manufacture and provide a product that can help so many people with so many different ailments. It makes me feel so fulfilled to know I’m a part of something that has the potential to make such a huge change to the world. Before I worked at B3 Labs I’d been in job such as makeup artistry, retail, and admin in different sectors. However, not gave me the motivation to come to work like B3 Labs does.
At B3 Labs I’m in charge of the administration, account management, invoicing to clients. I have used cosmetic CBD products previously so I knew how much they can help in that industry, but I’ve learnt that CBD has so much potential since joining B3 Labs. I love feeling a part of a team that wants to grow and become something special. We are different to all other CBD manufacturers because we are innovative and unique to the CBD market, with knowledge in regulations and formulations.
My favourite B3 Labs product is the CBD gummies. It’s the first product I tried other than CBD for cosmetic use, and it got me more interested in CBD as a food supplement. I am looking forwarded to expanding the team in the future. I want to build on my administrator role and progress into a more account management role to over see the customers’ experience.

Relevant industry experience

  • Previous use with CBD Cosmetics
  • Experience and knowledge in Administration

More Information

You will always find post-it notes on my desk! My favourite quote of all time is “All we are is dust in the wind, dude”. If I could give my younger self some advice I’d say “Stay weird!”

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